Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tribute to Our Visitors Episode 1

Two years later we have decided to update our blog! This is a very exciting time for all 3 of our blog followers! I decided to post an ode to our Seattle visitors for making the trip and remind you how much fun you had (a lot).

Seattle was the city of love for Tyshelle and Rick since they fell in love inside of it.
Just like Meg Ryan and that other guy on that one movie.
Snoqualmie Falls - also very romantic

except for that dam construction

It was all very beautiful and I was inspired to text Tyshelle about it.

Here is the Fremont Troll looking a little beat up after Halloween. Luckily Tyshelle is a nurse and spends a lot of time exploring crevasses at work so she knows what to look for.

On the other hand she can be very deadly - seen here trying to feed Rick to a sea squishy.

And later turning all the zoo penguins suicidal! That was too much, Tyshelle. Those might be endangered.

And 4 months later the beautiful couple was married! I think we know which trip we can thank for that.

THIS couple, that is. Close call for me and Tyshelle!

Luckily you can always drown your worries with Starbucks.
No ifs, ands, or butts!

Apple Snob (from the archives--October 2011)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Central Washington State Fair

A few weeks ago me and Andrew went to the Yakima fair with Madre and Padre. It has been a long time since I last found myself immersed in a place as horticulturally correct as this one. Everyone knows I try to keep up on the latest in farming, so here it is.

Ironically, I did not find any farm animals at the petting zoo that appreciated me petting them.

They look like they are desperate for attention, but they only respond to food and things that look like food.

But I felt bad when Andrew was holding hay in front of a fuzzy cow, and he got up to have some (not easy when you weigh 900 lbs) thinking it was animal feed and then all Andrew was holding was that stuff he was already laying on. You can see the disappointment in poor Fuzzawug's face.

So we bought him a paper cup of of animal feed. How can you say no to that face??


I'm pretty sure half the pellets got lost in his beard, and half of his snot ended up on my hands - so it was a fair trade.




Exhibit #2 is the farming gears/motor stuff. My dad was thrilled to find that Andrew wanted to hear more about farming gears/motor stuff - which he just so happens to be an expert in. I was thrilled to find that occasionally the lawn mower in the corner would start chasing people and there would be a show for me during the farming gears/motor stuff conversation.

Eventually, it came for us.

I think he noticed the lawn mower staring him down, but also knew that if the end was near, there were precious few moments left to talk about farming gears/motor stuff. This was not a time to be distracted.

Exhibit #3 is the really long curly fries tent.

Andrew will demonstrate how to eat such a curly fry.

Kudos to Andrew for maintaining the dramatic effect even when the curly fry was small enough that he could probably take a break from the neck extension :)

Exhibit #4 is how excited my mom got when she saw the St. John's cheesecake tent in the Sundome. There were no samples, but she made a mad dash for that display case of cheesecakes and possibly an email newsletter sign-up sheet (reenacted by Andrew).


After the excitement of the sampleless cheesecake booth passed, I got my first Scentsy at the Scentsy booth! Yay!

You can't pick your Scentsy scents without testing most of them first. I think I started losing my sense of smell.

But it's good to know that after a long day at the fair you can always pay 25 cents for a machine to jiggle your feet for about 25 seconds.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rest of Hawaii

This is the view from our hotel room on Waikiki Beach. I don't think either of us really have a fear of heights, but it was hard to stand on the 35th floor balcony and think of something besides your own death.

This is me feeding the ants...

I missed you so much.

It is an acai smoothie with granola, bananas, and honey on top. Andrew doubted that it would be delicious, but the magic of the acai does not disappoint. Even for $8 a bowl.

And then when I mentioned that the acai berry was endorsed by Oprah, he really couldn't get enough.

Every antioxidant counts.

This is Andrew, just hanging out with two of our friends, the world famous silver men (they don't move unless you tip them).

Unless you're the gold man. We didn't tip him and he was walking all over the place. Andrew found him in the bathroom. Needless to say, he is not world famous.

Andrew CLAIMS that I am a messy eater and that I am always spilling things. But he doesn't have any evidence. I can settle once and for all who is the spiller in this relationship.

He was so suspicious, mostly because I was laughing too much while I was taking pictures. In case you're not seeing the evidence, here is a close-up.

I don't even know how you spill that high up on your shirt. My only explanation is that a marinara dipped mozzarella stick was traveling toward his mouth at a speed so fast that the stray marina was only partly affected by gravity, and continued to accelerate even after falling off the stick. Basically, this is also proof that Andrew eats really fast.

Just a lookout point - I don't have a lot to say, I just put it on because he's so cute :)

We walked by this Japanese restaurant that was covered in giant Hello Kitties. There was a menu in Japanese on the other side, which we couldn't read, but I'm pretty sure I know what their specialty dish is.


Andrew got extra good luck for ringing the gong 4 times.

Which I'm pretty sure gets doubled when you find a lucky turtle.

And tripled if you come across a wild peacock.

The PCC basket weaving tent ladies taught us how to make little reed fishes.

They also have a luau and a night show but I'm ready to be done with my Hawaii post. But if anyone ever takes a trip there you could probably plan a layover in Seattle and come visit me and Andrew!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Aloha from the Kalalau Trail! Hawaii Part 1

Even though I have been very busy being unemployed lately, I was able to get some time out of my schedule and take Andrew to Hawaii. It was my first time since going to school there back in the day, so of course there were a lot of things that needed to be eaten.

But first, we had to hike the 11 mile Kalalau trail along the Na Pali coast in Kauai. Here is a summary of a very long hike!

Mile 1 - feeling pretty dang good.

Mile 3 - pretty sure it was going to dump rain on us on and off the whole hike, but we were already invested.

Plus, there were delicious guavas everywhere, which are considered among the most motivating of tropical fruits.

Side note: check out this jungle (extra creepy, not included in the main trail)

So we pushed forward, and I crossed the river wimpy style because my legs aren't 5 feet long like Andrew's.

Mile 6- stopped to make a joke out of the hazardous cliff sign

But then decided it was pretty hazardous after all. Carry on, hazardous cliff sign.

Mile 8 was much safer, but a little PLAIN. Haha.

Mile 9 - no more jokes. Decided to be faster hikers instead of night time hikers.

The final beach... success! I will never walk again! Until tomorrow.

The only way to reach Kalalau beach is to walk this trail because the cliffs are too rugged to build roads on... Unless you cheat and a motor boat drops you and your camping supplies off at the shore while the hikers boo and throw trail mix at you.

But even though the end camp is very secluded, not to worry! The accommodations are spectacular. 

Kalalau beach is equipped with self-composting bathrooms,

As well as shower facilities (I know what you're thinking, and I have already submitted this photo to Herbal Essences).

 Or if you prefer a bath...

And if you prefer neither???
 Consider becoming one of the permanent Kalalau Beach Jungle People.  You can live off of fish, wild goats, guavas, and lost hikers.